Cancellation policy

How to cancel your reservation 
In order to cancel your reservation please contact us at and indicate “Reservation Cancellation” in the email subject field.
Your cancellation email must be sent by the same address which you used to reserve your room.
You would need to include your full details as filled in during your reservation as well as you reservation confirmation number. Should you face any difficulty during the process, please call us on +30 22940 33111.

Cancellation Policy
► Cancellation up to one week prior to arrival: Full Reffund
► Cancellation during the last week or non-show: Two nights penalty

► Hotel will refund you by the exact same way your reservation was paid (ie. Credit Card or Wire Tranfer).

► For safety reasons the hotel will not be able to refund you by depositing the money in a bank account different than the one you used during your reservation. You may be charged a transaction fee by your bank.